Irving Penn 1948I Stand outside your door for 3 months not knowing if you might answer
I stood outside my door for 8 months before that
and now we are together

The Last Sitting

Dior and The Weinstein Company's Opening Of "Picturing Marilyn" At Milk Gallery - Inside

Bert Stern Original Madman

Stern “saw something in [Marilyn]: divinity, God, living, passion.” He describes the experience as if “somehow there was another force guiding everything . . . a magical force—[a] physical force that exists in all of us because we are our pictures; we are a visual experience.” – Vanity Fair 2013

Bert Stern shot the famous Last Sitting with Marilyn along with many other iconic photographs. This weekend in LA we can see a documentary about the man and his career, as well as his co-creative relationship with the filmmaker, Shannah Laumeister.

Q&A session with director Shannah Laumeister Friday and Saturday nights at the Landmark Nuart Theater.

I’ll be there!!