HWS 4.30

Georgia with abstraction

Dear Georgia,

We took the train to a new gallery this weekend to view an exhibit of female sculptors. Did you know, or is it a thing, or maybe just something with this exhibit – that sculpture has everything to do with the body? Is that true of all art? I think it’s hard to over intellectualize something that requires great physical strength to create.

I was reminded of how the train pushes me back down to earth and creates in me a chance to feel of the earth and the earth of me. Is this how you felt on your land in NM? I imagine that you felt that you were of that land. I find it’s not easy to feel a part of this whole thing going on around me, but the train and also music ground me in the environment and I don’t feel separate.

I gave up on meditating for a while – I lost the thread and seemed unable to pick it up for quite some time. I finally decided that I would start again even though I didn’t know why or what it would do for me anymore, just that I felt bad not doing it. Once I was about a week in I remembered that it allows me to experience my body and all my feelings just as they are right now, without any need to fix or change anything. And just sitting in it, steeping in my alice-ness – alive-ness is a real relief, even though it doesn’t always feel comfortable.








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