Photo by John loengard

“The river rafters competed with one another to collect unusual stones on their voyage, and Porter found a perfectly round, shiny black rock. He loved telling the story that O’Keeffe took one look and suggested he donate it to her windowsill collection. He refused, saying it was for his wife. The following Thanksgiving, O’Keeffe was invited to their home, and Eliot mischievously placed the rock in the middle of a black marble table in the living room. She not only spotted it, she sereptitiously put it in her pocket when she thought no one was looking. The porters did not know whether to be amused or annoyed. ‘I eventually confronted her with that, and she gave it back-not at all embarrassed,’ said Porter. On their next visit to her house, the Porters donated the stone to her collection. When she told the Life magazine photographer John Loengard that it was her favorite, he photographed it in the palm of her hand.”

Full Bloom – The Art and Life of Georgia O’Keeffe by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp

PS: Dear Georgia, this story is too wonderful not to share. I am wondering where that rock is now. i feel i need to find it and slip it in my pocket. but I am travelling to Hungary, Croatia & Bosnia in two days and will be collecting river rocks there for you instead. Love, A


One thought on “Mine.

  1. Alice, what is in Georgia and the Rock that resonate with each other, and what is in you that resonates with them both? So much so George is willing to steal it without apologies when caught. What is that energy all about? What is the energy that draws you to Georgia? Thanks for your persistent curiosity. Chris


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