The Last Sitting

Dior and The Weinstein Company's Opening Of "Picturing Marilyn" At Milk Gallery - Inside

Bert Stern Original Madman

Stern “saw something in [Marilyn]: divinity, God, living, passion.” He describes the experience as if “somehow there was another force guiding everything . . . a magical force—[a] physical force that exists in all of us because we are our pictures; we are a visual experience.” – Vanity Fair 2013

Bert Stern shot the famous Last Sitting with Marilyn along with many other iconic photographs. This weekend in LA we can see a documentary about the man and his career, as well as his co-creative relationship with the filmmaker, Shannah Laumeister.

Q&A session with director Shannah Laumeister Friday and Saturday nights at the Landmark Nuart Theater.

I’ll be there!!

One thought on “The Last Sitting

  1. What a wonderful photograph! It suggests so much about him, her, the two of them. Not to mention its amazing composition. Do we know who took it, or did he take it himself as a self-portrait? I wish I could be there for the film and the Q&A. I will look for this film in theaters or on disc. It would be so great if you could have a cup of coffee with Mr. Stern …


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