On Lateness


“You know a lot of people have, oh gee, real quirky problems that they wouldn’t dare have anyone know. But one of my problems happens to show: I’m late. I guess people think that why I’m late is some kind of arrogance and I think it is the opposite of arrogance. I also feel that I’m not in this big American rush, you know, you got to go and you got to go fast but for no good reason. The main thing is, I want to be prepared when I get there to give a good performance or whatever to the best of my ability. A lot of people can be there on time and do nothing, which I have seen them do, and you know, all sit around sort of chit chatting and talking trivia about their social life. Gable said about me, “When she’s there, she’s there. All of her is there! She’s there to work.” – Marilyn Monroe 1962

“With digital imaging coming into the marketplace, a guy like George Lucas could take Marilyn Monroe and put her in a 007 film. The simulation would be the main actress, and you’d think you’re watching Marilyn Monroe…Who would have bought a brand like Marilyn Monroe, thinking one could still put that person in a movie? Maybe we won’t get $20 million – the going rate for a famous actress – but we have the #1 actress in the world! We might do it for a little less, but we promise you she’ll show up on the set every single day. She won’t be recovering from a rough night. She’ll be right on time. Guaranteed!” – Jamie Salter 2011

Jamie Salter is Chairman & CEO of the Authentic Brands Group, a brand development and licensing company that currently owns Marilyn Monroe.


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