Wild Beasts

open_window_colloire Matisse 1905

I learned about Fauvism when I spent a semester in Paris studying (read dancing, drinking and moping around). I remember getting caught in front of one painting: my heart opening and wanting to just drink/eat/absorb the colors. I love that the Fauves allowed themselves the messiness of blurred lines and color after color after color. This one is by Matisse, called Open Window.

I told a friend recently that I thought there may have been a guy named Fauve, but I was wrong. How wonderful to discover that Fauve means Wild Beast!

I think of my life sometimes as a work of art. I’m coming together…slowly. The Fauves tell me, don’t come together! Fall apart and speak what is in your heart!

Do you know that in the film Capote, Truman Capote says this about Marilyn: “I was in Marilyn’s apartment looking at her Matisse paintings, and eventually I had to tell her that two of them were hanging upside down.” 

I want to be a Wild Beast with this project, bravely smearing color onto the canvas and allowing the lines to blur. I feel a little like a church mouse though.

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